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Israel History Tour

Israel History Tour

People in the globe’s northern hemisphere enjoy a begrudging Christmas with biting colds and long nights. On the other hand, Israel enjoys more relaxed and pleasant weather right around the same time, so it only makes sense to enjoy an international Christian festivity there.

Our upcoming trip to Israel in 2022 is about more than the weather and location but involves exploring historical treasures. We plan the adventure to walk through all the cultural traditions, street history, and famous highlights you only read about in the Bible or history books. Everything in Israel is steeped in unforgettable memories, and it is our pleasure to brief you on some of the ways you can get an Israel history tour to help you with the online Jewish classes.

Best ways to experience Israel’s history for online Jewish learning

Pristine nature

Israel is a small land comparatively similar to a state in the US. The small country is endowed with beautiful beaches and deserts, which make up a high concentration of attractions. You cannot miss all the cultural detail of its people in all the multi-colored lands, dead sea, and uneven landscape. The diverse land shows that the people are indeed blessed and still enjoy the same magnificence we all read about in history books. We plan our trips so you can lose yourself in the effortless beauty of the land, including exclusive access to beaches along the Red sea.

Rich festivals

There is always something to celebrate in Israel, with many festivals, events, and cultural celebrations throughout the year. There are events to celebrate the land’s music, harvests, films, and sports for every season of the year. We can only promise that the trip may align with one or two of these events, so it is best to check with us about the possibility of attending them by yourself.

Israeli food history

The land of milk and honey is still as rich and endowed as in Biblical times. Our trip covers two lunches every day, with delectable cuisines from the Mediterranean food culture. The Israeli people have a rich selection of fresh fruits, coffees, tea, and many more, so you will not have a shortage of picks during the entire length of the trip, which will be supplementary when you learn about Judaism online.


One thing you cannot afford to ignore when learning about a country’s culture is the museum. A visit to any museum in Israel will give you a keen perception of the culture, architecture, and art, which is an intrinsic part of learning the Bible and its cultural meaning. Take some time to discover the museums around all our touristic areas, and you will discover there is a lot more to learn about the socio-political climate and how it impacts the current society.

Family-friendly fun

Israel is an ideal destination for family trips because it has many areas that allow a fun and interactive activities. Besides, we make sure to choose accommodations close to the beach, so feel free to make your family’s dream come true by booking a trip with us today. Call us directly at 1-866-867-2488 to speak with one of us for any specific concerns about taking the Israel history tour or starting online Judaism classes.

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Israel History Tour

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