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Medellin Excursions

Some Significant Places To Visit During Your Medellin Excursions

Medellin is known for three things – Water activities, coffee and Metrocable cars. Your Medellin excursions will not be complete without the three of them. Apart from those ones, Medellin also offers so many attraction parks and centers that can make your Medellin excursions memorable. Some of the places you can visit have been outlined below.

Engage in water activities

Your Medellin excursions must include some water activities. Other centers may thrill you but none can give you the pleasure you will get from any of the most popular three water activities in Medellin. You can go for rafting, kayaking and paragliding.

Being a novice in any of them should not prevent you from having fun. The providers of the service usually have well trained and friendly guides that will be beside you. Besides, you can take brief lessons in any of them before your trip. It will be great if you go with a couple of friends. Kayaking with your friends in the same kayak will be awesome.

Have you also thought of paragliding? The pleasure involved can’t really be described in words. Soaring in the sky like a bird for about 20 minutes is a memory that will surely linger for a long time. Several towns in Medellin are on top of the mountain so the sun can sometimes be scorching. If you want to go for some paragliding, it is better you do so in the morning.

Ride a Metrocable car

The Metrocable cars have somehow become the symbol of the city. If you ask anybody about Medellin, the first thing he will mention is the cable cars. The cable car initiative was implemented to ease transportation. The cars are faster than road transport but their popularity grew because of the pleasure and comfort they offer. Any activity or object that makes you soar in the sky gives a rare kind of pleasure.

Having aerial views of both strange and familiar manmade and natural structures is simply mind-blowing. This is why a 10-minute ride in the cable car feels like just a minute.

Enjoy some Colombian Coffee

Colombia is said to be the third largest producer of coffee. Colombia’s coffee production is third to Brazil and Vietnam. Colombia has several varieties of coffee and each variant has a unique taste. In other words, Colombia is one of the largest exporters of coffee. So, why will you visit Colombia and not take coffee? There are several coffee shops in Medellin.

Visit Plaza de San Antonio

This is a popular Plaza that has one of Botero’s works. There is a statue of a bird created by Botero. However, the statue is just an empty shell now. It was blown in the middle of festival that took place in the center in 1995. Unfortunately, 29 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured. The damaged statue could have been removed but it was left there to serve as some sort of memorabilia.

If you really want to see a lot of Botero’s sculptures and paintings, you can visit the Plaza Botero. It is free. You will get to see a lot of larger-than-life works of one of the greatest sculptors that ever lived – Fernando Botero Angulo.

There are other things you can do in Medellin, but these ones were selected because of their significance to Medellin and to the whole of Colombia.