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New Jersey water parks

New Jersey water parks

If you thought all New Jersey water parks were more or less the same, you haven’t been to Casino Pier. Our family amusement park is packed with thrilling rides, arcade games, roller coasters, and numerous other attractions, along with the most popular water park in the state of New Jersey- Breakwater Beach. Get away from it all for a day and remember what fun is all about.

Multi-Attraction Theme Park

Our Hydrus Roller Coaster brings thrill-seekers from around the country who want to experience its 97-degree beyond-vertical drop. If you’re bent on adventure, you’re not going to want to miss this ride- it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past. When you step off of the Hydrus, you may feel as though nothing at Casino Pier could top our coaster- but only a ride on the Short Shot will tell whether that’s the case.

Shore Shot is one of our newest attractions- and one of the most popular. Experience two cycles of positive and negative G-force, one right after another, propelling 125 feet upward at speeds up to 45 mph and free fall back down.

Casual Family-Style Dining

There are plenty of places at Casino Pier to grab a bite or a sit-down meal. Whether you’re just looking for some Dippin Dots, an ice-cold lemonade, or something from off the grill, there’s an option for everyone in your family.   Stop by the arcade and bundle a pizza, fountain drinks, carousel rides, and arcade credits for just $29.95 on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 pm. Don’t forget to check out our amazing 100-year old antique carousel, still in operation.

Breakwater Beach

Few New Jersey water parks offer as many theme park attractions as you’ll find at Casino Pier. When you’re through riding the coasters, get your suits on and get ready for the most fun you’ve ever experienced in a water park. We’re talking about water slides and rides that are even too much of a thrill for many adults who come to our park.

If you dare to ride Salem’s Scream, you’ll be treated to a 50-foot speed slide that begins with a breath-taking bang. When the floor drops out from under your feet, there’s nowhere else to go but down- and we mean down!

Relax and Take a Breath

Enjoy our Harbor wave pool or Plymouth Rock hot tub springs to unwind after a day filled with high adventure. When the sun begins to sink low in the sky, a tube float is the best way to enjoy the end of the day.

Planning Your Visit

You’ll find numerous resources available on our website to help you plan the perfect day at Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach. We’re still one of the most affordable New Jersey water parks in the state- and we have the ideal location to throw a birthday party or get together for a family reunion. Kids of all ages will love our attractions.

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach


New Jersey water parks

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