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SUP Cape Cod

SUP Cape Cod

SUP Cape Cod. Paddle boarding is a growing trend for many reasons. Rideaway Adventures gets you out on the water without the stress of a rental.

What does SUP stand for?

SUP stands for stand up paddle boarding. There is no special meaning. It is simply an acronym.

The activity itself is fairly straightforward. As opposed to kayaking, you stand on a board and paddle.

Three Reasons to Paddle Board

There are many reasons to try paddle boarding. Among them are:

  • Paddle boarding is a terrific low impact exercise for the whole body
  • It is a great platform for meditation
  • Traveling around the cape
  • It allows you to see the cape in a unique way

There is more to this activity than a trend. It is a great way to exercise and travel.

A Platform for Meditation

Meditation is a proven way to release stress. According to Healthline, it helps control anxiety, promotes emotional health, and enhances self-awareness.

Adding the need to balance only enhances the effect of meditation as well as yoga poses. The body becomes hyper aware of its surroundings as the board rocks with the waves. While it takes practice to paddle board, the learning curve is not extremely steep.

The meditative effect has not gone unnoticed. SUP yoga is increasingly popular. Head to one of our many beaches or lakes and try out your favorite pose.

Low Impact Exercise

Balancing and paddling has an obvious impact as well. Paddle boarding can help you lose weight and develop core strength.

The act of paddling while standing up works your core and arms. Balancing helps with leg strength. This exercise is not targeted and nearly anyone at any level of fitness can benefit from paddle boarding.

A Unique Travel Experience

There are health benefits to paddle boarding. However, at its core, the activity is about travel. Native Hawaiins invented a form of paddle boarding for island hopping.

Cape Cod is a land of water. From the sea to lakes, there is much to explore without entering the chop of the ocean.

Guided Paddleboard Tours

Anyone looking to explore by paddleboard can benefit from an ACA certified guide. Rideaway Adventures guides spend their lives on the water. They know the many nooks and crannies of the cape.

Get a new perspective on our sandy beaches and wetlands. Spot wildlife from a unique vantage point. We can help you have the perfect day out in the water. 

Paddleboard Rentals

Even if you do not want the help of an experienced guide, you want to find a board that works for you. Do not let your rental shop define your trip.

Rideaway Adventures offers hourly, daily, and weekly rentals. We also offer around the cape pickup. Travel as far as you want as long as you remain within the confines of Cape Cod.

SUP Cape Cod

SUP Cape Cod. Gain access to a unique and growing trend that is good for the mind, body, and soul. See Cape Cod from a unique vantage point.

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SUP Cape Cod

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