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Wine Station Dispenser

Wine Station Dispenser

A wine dispensing and preservation system is essential for anyone considering serving wine by the glass as an operation. The dispenser is invaluable when it comes to the management and control in restraint or your home. Apart from looking good, they can store and serve wine. The machine also doubles up as a refrigerator for the wine and keeps the wine cool.

Nitrogen & argon preservation system

The wine dispenser has an inert, non-reactive Nitrogen gas that helps inhibit the entry of oxygen when serving the wine. The first encounter between wine and oxygen can be a good thing. However, as days go by, the interaction between the two makes the wine lose flavor. This can lead to business losses. Invest in a wine dispenser to help you avoid such shortcomings.

Benefits of investing in a wine dispenser and preserver

Excellent customer service

This an opportunity to offer your customers a unique experience because they will try out different types of wines. In addition, your customers will not be under pressure to have a specific type of wine and have fun while trying different types of wine. Customers who are shy to order wine because they do not want to be embarrassed due to a lack of knowledge on different wines will feel more comfortable with a wine dispenser.

Also, an automated wine service reduces the time a customer has to wait to be served with wine. In addition, customers can get as many glasses as they may wish. This will entice customers to come back to enjoy these services translating to more profit.

Cutting on operational cost

A wine dispenser enables businesses to buy wine in bulk, saving on cost. Cooling wine in a dispenser is cost-effective as opposed to cooling single bottles. Every time you open a bottle,  it causes the wine to spoil before you empty the bottle. A wine dispenser will help businesses to save on this opportunity cost. 

Automated wine services reduce wastage by serving exact amounts of wine. In addition, a wine bottle dispenser provides an excellent cooling system, meaning less of the wine goes to waste. 

Improving Efficiency

An automated enables a business to have efficient services since it allows waiters to deliver other services, improving customer satisfaction. It also saves on spaces as you efficiently store wine in the machine. 

Boosts revenue

Customers end up buying more wine when they have the freedom to taste different wines without purchasing a whole bottle. Also, the fast service that comes with the dispenser leads to customers buying more wine. This translates to more sales boosting your revenue.


By reducing environmental pollution, a wine dispenser leads to sustainability. It reduces the number of wine bottles and corks disposed of. This makes a business eco-friendly, thus attracting more customers leading to higher sales. 

 A wine dispenser and chiller store wine at cool temperatures and serve the wine efficientlyIt is sealed with inert gas preventing the entry of oxygen, which spoils the wine. Also, wine dispenser 4 bottles allow you to store your open bottles neatly. 

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Wine Station Dispenser

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Wine Station Dispenser

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