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Jonathan Weiss in New Orleans



Jonathan Weiss walking down Pirates Alley




Jonathan Weiss is one of the South’s leading historians and purveyors of the macabre history that makes New Orleans the most haunted city in America. With over 14+ years experience, his passion for storytelling of New Orleans’ deepest and darkest tales will leave visitors and locals alike spellbound. As an actor he trained in both America and Great Britain, and settled in New Orleans pre-Katrina, after being mesmerized by its magic at a young age.

He is an independent tour guide, leading unsuspecting guests to explore his city’s lingering dead, or the depravity of vicious vampire legend.  Fully licensed, Jonathan gives regular tours Thursday through Sunday nights, departing from Pirate’s Alley Cafe, 622 Pirate’s Alley.  While one of New Orleans’ newer tour companies, very few guides equal Jonathan in depth of experience, his knowledge of the old city and it’s neighbourhoods, and in addition to his regular tours, he is able to accomodate private tours by request.  Jonathan has appeared and consulted on The Vampire Diaries & The Originals, CMT, MTV, ATT Uverse, SyFy, Discovery, the Travel Channel, and for several films over the past decade.

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Portrait of Jonathan Weiss
Jonathan Weiss with Key and Peele


Mikko has been showing off the greatness of New Orleans for close to thirty years. Witty and knowledgeable, his tours are masterful. Mikko is also an award winning writer, having garnered two Independent Publisher Awards (Ippy’s) for his histories of the Crescent City.

Susie came to this wonderful, creepy, crazy city of New Orleans 30 years ago. She has been an amateur City historian since the first time she walked these streets, and an official licensed tour guide for over 5 years. With Susie as your guide, the streets and the people who walked on them come alive as if they’ve always been here and always will be.

Ernest “Ernie” Sylvester has been conducting tours since 2003, longer than most of the tour companies in this city have been in business. A native of the city, he aims to inform visitors and locals alike in an engaging, entertaining and factual manner, but above all he hopes to tell stories to those who walk with him that are not only surprising but that embrace the human spirit as well.

Brent’s love of New Orleans and her stories has been described as contagious, and he brings to his tours the exuberance of a life-long entertainer and professional story-teller. A Creole native of South Louisiana, Brent began giving tours at 18, and has written tours, trained guides, and performed for over 15 years as a tour guide, actor, and fight choreographer. Brent’s breadth of knowledge ranging from culinary and musical traditions to military and literary history allow him to weave together the complex narratives of New Orleans shadowed past into a uniquely memorable experience that will leave you wanting more.

Doug is living his retirement dream as a tour guide and musician in New Orleans after a 36 year career with the Department of Defense. There is nothing he enjoys more than sharing his passion and love of this city with people who truly get it and want to experience more. He considers it a privilege and a duty to accurately relate the history of this amazing city and believes that this is the one true place where magic still exists.

Robi Gilmore is a Louisiana native born and raised in the bayous of plantation country. He has West African, Native American, French, and Scottish ancestry and speaks two dialects of creole french. At the age of 7, he was chosen in his family lineage to undergo Vodou initiation, a series of physical and mental tests to be part of the religion. He then continued his training and learning, and at the age of 18 had the calling to become a High Priest in Louisiana Vodou. His mother, a High Priestess in Haitian Vodou, saw he had the calling to become a high priest in her lineage as well. After two initiations and countless days of mental and physical tests, he finally took all of his vows and became a High Priest in Haitian Vodou. After returning from Haiti he continued to show is passion for his family’s religion and culture and still continues to do tours in his favorite city, New Orleans.

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