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Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour New Orleans

New Orleans


Ghost Tour New Orleans

New Orleans


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Our Ghost Tour takes you to the best haunted buildings and areas in the French Quarter! New Orleans is infamous for it’s ghostly legends, but the reality is often much more intense and fascinating than people suspect. From the unquiet dead who haunt the alleys to the restless reminders of unrequited love, the stories you hear aren’t just stories — they are the history of this city and it’s people. These ghosts are our ancestors! What’s most disturbing of all? They were once just like you…

Our Ghost Tour begins in Pirate’s Alley near St. Louis Cathedral and will take you to some of the most haunted, spirit-filled landmarks in the French Quarter. Were there really pirates in New Orleans? Come along and you’ll find out! You will hear about a privateer’s ghost at Madame John’s Legacy, bloodshed at The Ice House Bar, nefarious activities at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar and along Bourbon Street and more. Can you feel the energy of the restless spirits who were left behind to haunt our city?

These dark, ghostly stories and the ancestors who lived them are what makes The Big Easy the most haunted city in America! When you walk the streets with us, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the spirits who stayed behind to haunt their homes and neighborhoods. After all, what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans…

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Vampire, Ghost, Dark History Tour French Quarter New Orleans

Departure Location:

622 Pirate’s Alley

Reservations Required:

Please arrive to the departure location at 7 pm for check-in.


Standard Ticket

Student, Teacher, Senior, First Responder and Military Ticket

Departure Times:

Thursday — Sunday
7:15 PM

Ghost Tour New Orleans

Each and every Jonathan Weiss tour strives to entertain, educate and leave you wanting more of New Orleans and her French Quarter. Our Ghost Tour begins in the French Quarter and our guides will navigate the streets while telling you the stories that make our city great. We will stand in the exact spots where history happened while we discuss the ghostly tales of New Orleans. You will be intrigued, thrilled and maybe even uncomfortable with some of the chronicles of the Crescent City.

Our guides’ passion and collective knowledge of the city brings an expertise to each of our tours; we encourage you to ask questions and become as excited about New Orleans history as we are! We are first and foremost historians of this great city and are proud to tell you about her saints, sinners, triumphs and travesties. 

New Orleans is an open container city, meaning you can bring your drinks along for the entirety of the Ghost Tour! We suggest you bring a camera and snap photos along the way–you never know who or what might make an appearance! Don’t forget to bring plenty of curiosity, an open mind and to wear comfortable shoes! We can’t wait to share our love of The Big Easy with you! See you in the Quarter for your haunted Ghost Tour…