Best French Quarter Tours – French Quarter History Walking Tours in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that has a lot of stories in it. The stories that most people hear have a lot to do with scary stuff. Witches, vampires, ghosts, and many more. Most of these stories aren’t just stories, but they are part of the city’s history. New Orleans is the only city to be blessed to have such a thrilling and chilling history. The primary source of such accounts is the French Quarter. That is the place where most of these stories happen. The history of the French Quarter is one that anyone would like to hear. One of the ways of doing so is going to the best French quarter tours in New Orleans.

Jonathan Weiss Tours is the team that you can rely on for an exciting, engaging & fun tour. We always have the best in terms of tales and adventure for you. We are filled with knowledge when it comes to the French Quarter, and we are eager to pass down the stories that have made history to you. We love how spooky the tales are, and our delivery will hands down make you feel part of the experience.


Jonathan Weiss Tours is a team that likes to plan the whole tour ahead. For that, we take reservations beforehand. We have an affordable French Quarter tour that will share with you all the knowledge you need to know about the area. Our standard ticket goes for $25. There is a special ticket for students, teachers, seniors, first responders, and military that goes for $20.  There is plenty to love about the best French Quarter tours, and you shouldn’t skip it.


Between Thursday and Sunday, those who have reserved a spot for the French Quarter tours meet at 622 Pirate’s Alley. That is the place where the tour begins. The time of departure is usually at 11 AM for all those days. However, due to our check-in system, we prefer that people make it there before time. We like to be ready to go at the time of departure. The French Quarter tour is engaging from the very first minute. You wouldn’t want to miss a single step of the way.

The Best French Quarter Tours

Jonathan Weiss Tours is the best team to take the French Quarter tours with. Our main objective is to entertain, educate, and make you want more of New Orleans and her French Quarter. We are a fully licensed team, and our French Quarter Tours are heralded by the people of New Orleans and its visitors as one of the best tour providers. We take pride in telling the stories, and we answer all questions that people have during and after the tours. In the tours, we will take you to every monumental place in the area. We will also guide you to the best bars if you are in need of refreshments. Do not hesitate to reserve a French Quarter tour with us. You can contact us anytime at 504-356-2007.

Want to soak up all of New Orleans Dark History? Jonathan Weiss History & Ghost Tours offers several tour options including New Orleans Ghost Tours, French Quarter Tours, New Orleans Vampire Tours, Women of NOLA tours, Cocktales Tours, Voodoo Tours, New Orleans Cemetery Tours, Private Tours, and Dark History tours. Pick as many as you like to package together for the ultimate, entertaining and fun, deep dive into New Orleans Dark History.

French Quarter Tours

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