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Being part of a spook is something that we should all try. Being in spooky situations gives us a wide range of emotions and feelings that we can never forget. One of the places that can give a person chill thrills is a cemetery. Visiting a cemetery alone can be very spooky. However, to make the best of the experience, you can go on a cemetery tour. Cemetery tours are not random. They include spooky stories that will have you feeling chilled to your core. New Orleans is one of the best places to go on a cemetery tour, given its history and culture.

Jonathan Weiss Tours offers the best experience for New Orleans cemetery tours. The team has all the history and knows all the locations that have a good, scary story to tell. The cemetery tours we give will leave you thinking too much. We are a team that enjoys sharing spooking experiences with people, and our cemetery walking tours in New Orleans will leave you feeling frantic. So join us today for an amazing cemetery tour.

Cemetery Tour 1

New Orleans is famous for its spooky cemeteries. That has made the city to be dubbed as the city of the dead. Our cemetery tour 1 is usually around St. Louis #1. Here, there are some of the oldest cemeteries in the city which tell fascinating stories. We will explain to you all the facets and burial practices that people had. So join us today for the best cemetery experience in your life.

Cemetery Tour 2

The cemetery #2 tours are usually done in St. Louis #2. The cemetery is a hidden gem where most stories are about pirates, military heroes, and even the tomb of our most famous practitioner of Voodoo. There are several burial practices you can learn about as we walk down the former red-light district. You can try out both cemetery tours for the full experience.

Reservations and Pricing

For better planning, we require reservations.  For both cemetery tours, we have the following price points. $25 for a standard ticket and $20 for any students, teachers, military, first responder, and senior. Reservations can be made for the following days/times:

Monday – Wednesday: 10:30AM – 1:00PM or 1:30PM for cemetery #1

Thursday: 10:30AM – 1:15PM

Friday and Saturday: 10AM – 1:15PM

All people are advised to arrive early for check-in.


The two cemetery tours have different departure locations. For cemetery tour 1, the departure is usually at Johnny White’s Corner Pub at 720 Bourbon Street on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the point of departure is Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo at 723, St. Peter Street. For the cemetery tour 2, there is only one departure point at Backatown Coffee Parlour at 301 N. Basin St.

Jonathan Weiss Tours is a passionate and fully-fully licensed team for cemetery tours. We are looking forward to giving you an educational experience and a thrilling adventure.

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New Orleans Cemetery Tours

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