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New Orleans Haunted History & Ghost Tours

Jonathan Weiss Vampire, Ghost, Dark History Tour French Quarter New Orleans

New Orleans History Tours

The Best New Orleans Haunted History Tours

Dark History Walking Tours in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that has a huge reputation. It is a popular city, and one of the things that make it loved or feared is the history that the city has. New Orleans has a dark history and plenty that is mentioned about ghosts, vampires, witches with their voodoo, and many more. Many festivals in the city are usually based on the dark history of New Orleans, and it is something very fascinating. So you should try and capture New Orleans’ dark history as much as possible.

One of the best ways is by going on New Orleans history tours. The tours concentrate on the city’s dark history and are among the best ways to give yourself knowledge of the city and its dark past. Jonathan Weiss Tours is the team that you can rely on for the best New Orleans history tours. We are a team that is passionate and grown, loving the spooky nature of New Orleans. So whenever you are free and full of courage, you can join us on the various tours we offer.

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New Orleans History Tour Selection

Jonathan Weiss Tours is the go-to team for the best New Orleans history tours. We have a wide range of tour options available and will give you a tour that you can’t forget. We are a fully licensed team meaning that all our tours are safe and valid. We are also educated on the dark history of New Orleans and haven’t altered any story to our liking. We use our knowledge of history to give you an unforgettable experience. The pricing of our tours is usually the same. $25 for a standard ticket and $20 for any students, teachers, military, first responder, and senior. Only VIP tours get different price points. So give yourself some chills by going on the best New Orleans history tours with us.

Ghost Tour New Orleans


Ghosts are said to have been a big part of New Orleans. Or maybe they still are! You can join us on a New Orleans ghost tour to see why people believed in them back in the day. There are several ghost stories, and we will take you to the very spots that the ghost stories came from. Our ghost tour is usually very fun and interactive. The departure location is 622 Pirate’s Alley, and the tour usually starts at 7:15 PM any day from Thursday to Sunday. Reserve a spot in our New Orleans ghost tour.

Cemetery Tour in New Orleans


Cemeteries are some of the scariest places to be. A cemetery is where the dead are buried, and New Orleans is usually dubbed the city of the dead. Our cemetery tour is one of the best New Orleans history tours. We usually have two separate tours when it comes to cemetery tours. There is cemetery #1 tour which is based at St. Paul #1. The departure of this tour is usually at Johnny White’s Corner Pub at 720 Bourbon Street on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the point of departure is Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo at 723, St. Peter Street. For the cemetery #2 tours, there is only one departure point at Backatown Coffee Parlour at 301 N. Basin St. Cemetery #2 tours is usually at the hidden gem cemetery St. Paul #2. The two different tours usually have the same departure dates and times but Monday. Join us for the best cemetery tour experience possible.

Vampire Tour New Orleans


Vampires are a big legend of New Orleans. They are part of the best New Orleans history tours. Vampires were a big belief in New Orleans history, and with us, we will take you to the places where such beliefs came to place. The history of vampire tours was passed down by word of mouth, a time even before literature began. The vampire stories are based on cases that happened in those times, such as mysterious disappearances and strange sightings. We have two vampire tours being the standard tour and the VIP tour. The standard tour has a departure at 622 Pirate’s Alley at 8:15 PM on Saturday. The VIP vampire tour has the usual tour before getting admittance to a secret speakeasy. The tour is only open to people above 21-years, and the departure is Saturdays at 7 PM from the same 622 Pirate’s Alley.

Voodoo Tour in New Orleans


The story of witches has always been told in the history of New Orleans. They are the people who practiced voodoo and mysterious forms of dark magic. The voodoo practices have quite the tale, and you will want to hear about it as part of the New Orleans history tours. In addition, the voodoo tours will tell you stories that had to be explained or dismissed. Such stories include personalities such as Marie Laveau. The Voodoo tours by Jonathan Weiss Tours take place on Sundays at 4 PM. The departure location for the tour is Mr. Gregory’s at 810 N. Rampart St.

French Quarter History Tour New Orleans


New Orleans history tours have a dark aura to them. There are stories of ghosts, vampires, witches, and many more. Anyone keen enough will realize that most of these stories take place in the French quarter. Is there a reason for that? Find out about the French quarter tours that we will take you through. There are a lot of connections in most of the dark New Orleans history, and our tours uncover it all. We are passionate storytellers, and we will answer each question that you will have during and after the tours.